• The problem persists. . . .

  • Chaos results. . . .

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A Political Party with the mandate of empowering the people of Britain to decide how their country is run.

The full discussion is below and on other pages – but here is the ten step ‘elevator pitch’ for busy people!

1) The pyramid symbol is Masonic and is everywhere to be seen.  Look at the back of a dollar bill or the MI5 logo.  What you can say for sure is that if the symbol has made it to such places the influence inferred by it must be massive and global.

2) It depicts the power base. You and I are at the bottom – many of us with no power – rising to the break point where the Government resides – but they are NOT at the top.

3) The capstone is the domain of the 1% elite, banks, multinationals and corporations – the ‘Illuminati’, who control Government through various means, some subtle and discreet, like the influence of Chatham House leading to corporate beneficially advice to permanent secretaries who are unelected and remain even if the government is voted out and replaced, others blatant and obvious like millions in party donations from individuals or companies seeking favour in the form of lucrative contracts or honours.

4) Because government follows orders from the 1%  is exactly why voting and choosing a new Government with the archaic constitution (Magna Carta) that we have can never effect significant change.  Chaos prevails and is even encouraged.

5) Government, major opposition parties, the media and what we are taught at school all conspire to blinker our thinking into believing the chaos cannot be resolved and there are no feasible alternatives.

6) Technology now exists for everyone to be involved in the decision processes of the Country should they choose to.

7) This is why in our logo the pyramid is turned on its head – depicting the people at the top, the government under us, acting as true servants of the people and  carrying out our will, and the ‘big business’ capstone at the bottom and powerless, as it should be in a true democracy.

8) To bring this about candidates are needed to fight for this cause by standing in elections with a view to one day winning a majority and forcing the changes needed to implement a ‘people friendly’ form of governance.

9) Only then will we witness a true reflection of the will of the people in policy and balance be created.

10) Peace fairness and harmony are just a vote away. . . .it just needs YOU to want this enough to make it happen.

If you think you can’t make a difference – watch this. . . . Inspiration! 

Democracy / Di-mokrasi – noun – derived from the Greek – demokratiademos – the people  and kratia – rule.
The question here is:-  you hear the word democracy a great deal but when was the last time you felt like you were ruling?  Never?  The truth is we live in a ‘representative democracy’ which is not the same thing at all.  Do you think the time has come tor that to change?  Do YOU want to be a part of that change?

 Using the system to fight the system.

The Movement for Active Democracy is a registered political party with the sole mandate of ensuring that every Government decision faithfully reflects the will of the people, achieved through secure app and internet based systems allowing the people to propose, promote and veto decisions.
The major parties have it all tied up exactly as they want it but nothing is as it first might appear. . .
We started to ask the questions why we, the people, are beset with problems, and came up with some staggering answers.
What were they?  Read more on the following pages. . . .



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