Bogus Elections

 Elections – the Illusion of Choice.


illusionElections are a farcical illusion of choice.  As in a magicians trick, great play is made about the sharpness of the sword when it actually has no part in the trick, and great play is made about the counting of the votes when that also actually has no part to play in the trick, as all traditional parties serve the same and unmoveable greed orientated controllers. The Civil Service who in turn receive their instructions from Chatham House, an organisation bristling with CEO’s and directors of multinationals sold to the public as a ‘think tank’.

The sole purpose of elections is to subdue a population by making the people believe they are part of the decision making process when they are not, thereby lowering risks to the Government of outright rebellion and revolution by the people.

This is why we believe elections, in their current form, are an elaborately played out charade.  Being encouraged to vote for one of the ‘traditional’ parties is promoted by those parties as being the opportunity for the people to effect change.  The truth, however, is that this is nothing more than a clever trick intended to fool the people into believing they are ‘involved’, ‘listened to’ or asked opinion of – when they are not.  Elections are no more than an illusion of choice aimed at pacifying and controlling the  un-aware masses by making them believe they are part of the process of deciding the future of their country when they are not.  This is why a people led system such as that proposed by the Movement for Active Democracy is imperative if true change is to be effected.