Corporate Power

You and your country’s rights being signed away.

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The European and American Governments (fully supported and recklessly agreed to by the British government without any veto or opting out clauses) are at this moment entering into an agreement called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.  This would allow American Corporations the right to be involved in the running affairs of the UK including the NHS, and may well spell the end for a free health service in Britain.  In essence, if anyone tries to block the profiteering of American Corporations in the UK – for example by a Council turning down permission to drill for oil or the Government doing a health drive saying that burgers are not good for children or that tobacco products should be hidden at outlets – the corporations shall be able to sue for compensation for the lost business they otherwise would have profited from. This is an evil and blatant piece of ‘corporation over the people’ legislation and is the epitome of the problems that beset the people in all areas.

We believe that most of the inequalities and crimes against mankind and the planet are being introduced purposefully by an elite few who have control over the Government to whom it dictates policy that serves only that elite class.  This is achieved through a carefully devised organisation of civil servants and ‘think tanks’ such as Chatham House.  Through party whipping, it also controls and curtails the thinking and voting power of all MP’s who form any Government.