Inadequate public transport


Our road system is gridlocked however this only goes to serve the corporations wishing to profit from the sales of motor vehicles and oil – so nothing shall be done about that.  Proper reliable and affordable public transport is a fantasy in Britain as it would cut the profits of the corporations.  Creating a network of affordable hop on hop off minibus services that run so regularly that a timetable would not be needed is simplicity itself however the government plan to plough £50 billion into HS2 to trim minutes off train times (with £188 million going just to the consultants) of the misguided project.  This is an unacceptable throwing away of public money into the pockets of the corporations.

We believe that the majority of problems that perpetuate are being bandied by the Government as being impossible to solve but are in fact easily solvable if the greed orientated influences of the few are removed from the equation.  It needs only the proper plans put in place that ignore the greed intentions of the minority.