Loss of Freedoms


The UK has the highest number of security cameras per capita in the world. Your service provider must by law keep a record of every phone conversation, e-mail, text and website browsing history for a year.  Your DNA can be taken by the police for any reason, and now the NHS are saying that they will need to take it for every person living in the UK.  You are tracked through your mobile phone, satellites can watch you in enough detail to lip read you, your passport chip tracks your movements, your facebook entries are watched by the police, the government and the Inland Revenue, but still this isn’t enough control.  In the name of bogus terror threats you shall be forced to carry an ID card that will log in who’s proximity you have been in, will allow the police to scan a crowd to see who is there, will enable tracking and logging of all your activities and shall eventually, but not far away, have to be produced to make any purchase or bank transfer.  At this time, if they don’t like your activity – ie going to a peaceful protest, they can stop you buying tickets or food at the press of a button.  One day this will be a chip introduced with the MMR jab – then we will all be robots of the state.

We have the simple belief that we are all sentient beings with a right to privacy and freedom from state management and snooping.  The majority of people wish for the same things, and so by embracing all the people to take control of the decision making processes we would create the opportunity to resolve many if not all of the outstanding problems of today.

At the re-writing of the Icelandic Constitution which embraced the opinions of one thousand five hundred randomly chosen people, the people voted openness, honesty, equality, fairness and love as the keys for a sustainably harmonious future for the country.  We believe that the same priorities should be echoed here in the UK.