Media Circus

 It LOOKS like something real and important is going on. . . . (but it’s not!)illusion

This is easily demonstrated by the fact that the people are, at all other times, regarded as, and treated like, little more than a ‘peasant class’.   In this way a largely disenfranchised population is being effectively controlled as, because all traditional parties are dictated to by the same elite group, there can never be, nor is there meant to ever be any significant change that would benefit the ordinary people of Britain.

When someone questions a decision that clearly is going to cause them degradation or loss of life style the governments normal response is to simply say that that person doesn’t understand the greater good they shall be benefiting from.  If pressed and exposed the Government will simply blame a scape goat’, ‘mistakes’ or their ‘own stupidity’ but never reveal the identity or points out the normally greed motivated directions of the elite class who are secretly behind the policies.

We believe that the Governments role is not to create policy but simply to ‘sell’ the proposals they have been given by the elite classes who control them.  Voting therefore is little more than choosing the face on the television that is relaying the bad news that they have been given to deliver to the people.

We believe that this system is unfair and unacceptable as it is the taxes and efforts of the ordinary people of the country that makes everything possible and pays for all Government activities whether those activities serve the people or not.  While every decision is sold to the people as being in some way or other in their interest mostly they are not.

Historically, voting for a representative who would, supposedly, reflect the views of those that voted them in was the only workable way of making some poor approximation of ‘democracy’ as debating issues and voting in Government could only be done in person.

 Britain’s constitution was written in the year 1215 in the form of the Magna Carta and we believe that 800 years on, the time has come to update and modernise the constitution by empowering the people to take an active and significant role in the running of their country.

 It follows then that while the word ‘democracy’ is used extensively in Britain there never has been such a system in place and we believe that this will remain the pattern until the people are empowered to take control of the decision process for themselves.