No time to lose. . . .

Things you should already know if you have been keeping an open active mind and paying attention. . . .

The Government are acting in their own interests and representing the multinationals and corporations that keep them in power.  That means that wars, such as that currently with Islamic State, shall continue to ensure the arms corporations get plenty of work and the oil barons shall have some new places to drill.  Meanwhile the people shall be set one against another through a number of channels – for example by reinforcing the lie at every football match that racism is at epidemic proportions when it is all but extinguished.  Children shall continue to be empowered to ensure that adults, especially teachers, shall remain fearful of prosecution and unable to trust their own common sense and good judgement and children shall be at the controls and able to unilaterally punish and accuse adults without evidence as it was with the Hitler Youth of the Third Reich.

News of paedophilia shall continue to headline to ensure all adults and families feel threatened, and single adult men shall start to become outcast and centres of suspicion when they have done no wrong.  Sexism shall be blown out of all proportion to set women against men and proliferate fear in the community.  News of Muslims being terrorists shall be on the daily agenda spreading fear and suspicion between the races.  News of minorities receiving huge benefits of public money shall be broadcast periodically to ensure there is an angry backlash against those sections of the community.

Health and safety legislation shall continue to become ever more onerous making sure that every single person shall at some time be an offender and shall live in constant fear of prosecution.  American quirks in the social system – such as no win no fee for lawyers – shall reinforce the powerlessness of the people to stand against false allegations.  Other minorities shall periodically be set upon and outcast.  Drinkers, smokers, those who cannot find work, drug users, those who opt out of the capitalist system or do not have a home, those who protest, those who try to make the world a better place and those who try to make a difference shall be viewed with suspicion and labelled anti social or even a terrorist.

All this while the health and education systems shall be eroded by profiteering for the corporations, creating disharmony in society as once common rights shall be removed and competition for fewer places and appointments becomes greater and greater.  And at the same time the rich poor divide shall purposely be made larger with the numbers of super rich increasing slowly but the size of the fortunes doubling and re-doubling, while huge parts of the community shall no longer be able to properly feed themselves or their children.

To ensure that the corporations do not suffer any set back or slowing down to their greed orientated version of the world there shall be no checks or balances to this ‘progress’ and planet earth shall receive mortal wound after mortal wound until Mother Nature finally screams ‘Enough is enough!’ and the seas shall continue to rise exponentially flooding all beaches and arable land in the valleys, creating massive food shortages and causing mayhem with transport links as people flee to higher ground, so the shops shall start to empty, and the structure of wildlife that supports human life on the planet shall collapse and there shall be no bees to pollinate the flowers so the trees shall not bear fruit and the ultraviolet will be killing the plants and animals in any case.  Pollution will have got to alarming proportions with contaminated water, air and soil and toxic plastics shall be in every nook and cranny of our world.

Once six meals are missed mankind shall forget all of it’s lessons of humanity and will revert to a regime of survival of the fittest with widespread looting and pillaging and there shall be no law and order.  Within another six months 19 out of 20 of us shall have perished with the survivors hanging by their very fingertips.

And did you know YOU can prevent all that?  Just by NOT continuing to support this outdated and corrupt system that is appallingly labelled as ‘democracy’.  By NOT voting in the major parties who have been, and will continue to support and create all that mayhem.

YOU have the power – but you do not have the time to come to this concept slowly – the evidence is everywhere – please don’t ignore it!  The time has come for the people to take control of their own future. . . .

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  1. Kate Whattam 04/11/2014 at 21:48 #

    Brilliant website. Clear, concise, I don’t understand why other people can’t relate to this – or maybe they can, they just act like sheep and let the masses decide for them. Believe in being different, make a difference, be yourself and vote for what you really should believe in – that’s you!

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